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[DETECTED] blackk Public v1.2

11. 10. 2008

New in this version:
? Slightly improved aimbot as per user request (no longer aims with knife/hegrenade/flashbang/smoke/bomb)
? Updated VAC2 Proofing code, VAC2 undetected as of November 1, 2007.
? Fixed low FPS issues.

Aimbot: AimKey, Hitbox, Fov, Silent Aim, Smooth Aim
ESP: Health, Name, Box
Removals: Recoil, Spread, Smoke, Flash, Scope
Misc: Bunnyhop, Auto-Pistol, Crosshair
sv_consistency bypass
sv_cheats bypass

How to use blackk public v1.2:
1. Double click "blackkpub1.2.exe" (the loader should pop-up)
2. Start Counter-Strike: Source

Changing settings ingame:
1. Use Insert to bring up the menu
2. Use the arrow keys to navigate and make selections

v3n0m4, P47R!CK, Tetsuo, MattDog, Frayst, h1web, Xanad, Tamimego, KizZamP, fum1n, Holz, Lix



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